Best Skis for Tree Skiing – Top 5 Options

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Trying to find the best skis for tree skiing? you’ve come to the right place…

The first time I went to a huge mountain, I tried navigating through mass amounts of powder and trees on my ski blades. Needless to say, it was very difficult! Consider more thought out options instead to give you the ability to go through powder plus control when going through trees…

best skis for tree skiing

Best Tree Skiing Skis

Traverse Atlas Men’s Big Mountain Ski

Traverse Atlas Men's Big Mountain Ski

Designed to be useful in deeper and looser snow, as well as when coming down off of the mountain, these skis make it easy to glide across the surface without floundering. Thanks to the strong edge on the skis and the sleek design, they easily cut through snow. 

With a 116 mm waist width, this ski floats easily on top of deeper powder without getting caught or sinking, making it ideal for navigating through the woods and under trees where additional snow will dump. The rockered tail and tip prevent a lot of catch when on harder snow.


  • Rocker on tip and tail prevents skis from floundering or getting stuck in powder
  • Camber underfoot produces great edge hold
  • Easy to turn in deeper snow
  • Steel edges protect skis from damage and improve durability and agility
  • Poplar wood core helps to eliminate additional weight and provide extra strength and stability


  • Wider design can be difficult for some skiers to control, especially when used at higher speeds
  • Not ideal for use on packed snow as they perform better on lighter and fluffier powder
  • Careless packing during shipping can cause damage

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Rossignol Experience 88 HD Skis

Rossignol Experience 88 HD Skis Mens Sz 188cm

Designed to be a great all-around ski, this is a wonderful option for beginners and more advanced skiers alike. The light design and wider ski offer a ton of control over multiple types of terrain.

Even though this ski doesn’t have any metal in it, it still offers great power and carving ability, which makes it a very good option for carving between trees when skiing through the woods. The versatility of the ski makes it very forgiving and helps to reduce user fatigue. 

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  • Designed to work well on all types of snow and on all terrains
  • Perfect for aggressive skiers, as the shape of the ski allows for immediate and highly controlled turns
  • Shorter length is great for skiers who want complete control over their skis
  • Light weight on tails and tips give the skis great maneuverability
  • Relatively light weight is great for all day use


  • Not ideal for cutting through choppier snow conditions
  • Wider size is not great for tight turns
  • Light swing weight on the tip can make it difficult for new skiers to easily control

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Blizzard Black Pearl 88

Blizzard Black Pearl 88 Skis Womens

This popular ski is a great all around mountain ski, which means that it can easily handle most snow and skiing conditions without any problems. Thanks to their ability to grip steeper and icier surfaces, they are ideal in most locations and situations. 

As they are so light, they are ideal for zipping between trees without feeling a loss of control. The hard edges on the skis help cut into snow and grip it, even when it is deep and fresh powder. 


  • Great for skiers of all ability levels
  • Does a great job holding its edge, especially in bumpier terrain where other skis will fail
  • Rocker design provides forgiveness when frontside skiing
  • Mounting on a forward position makes it very easy to initiate and control turns between trees
  • Made with a light poplar beech wood core for power and lower weight


  • Can be difficult for some skiers to find a length that they like
  • Not the best option for harder packed snow
  • Other skis may feel a bit more responsive, which means that these can be somewhat difficult to use

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Rossignol Pursuit 200 Carbon Skis

Rossignol Pursuit 200 Carbon Skis w/Xpress 10 Bindings Mens

One of the most important things that skiers must know how to do when tree skiing is turn quickly and efficiently. This ensures that skiers are able to avoid accidents and can easily control their skis. This ski is designed to make that as easy as possible.

Created to allow for easy maneuvering, the heavier material is moved from the tip of the ski, resulting in a lower swingweight and a faster, more responsive ride. The oversized sidecut offers great edge control when it’s icy out. 

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  • Great option for beginners who want to start tree skiing
  • Designed to help easily carve turns in between trees without a loss of power or control
  • New Prop Tech technology allows the torsional flex to adapt to terrain changes
  • Easily glides across all types of terrain without slowing down
  • Bit of rocker in the tip allows for users to turn quickly without falling


  • Length can be difficult for some skiers to control
  • Shape of the ski can take some getting used to for maximum control
  • Not the best option for more advanced skiers

Nordica Enforcer 100 Skis

Nordica Enforcer 100 Skis Mens

More experienced skiers who want to enjoy as much speed and control as possible when maneuvering between trees will love this ski. It’s incredibly responsive and easy to control, as long as the person using it is confident and has the ability necessary to do so. 

In addition to being fast and powerful, these skis are forgiving and offer a ton of control and movement. It’s easy to cut quickly through trees without fear, thanks to how easily they move and how flexible they are. 


  • Laminate on the bottom and top improve stability and grip
  • Full wood core reduces the weight and allows for better energy return
  • Great for all weather conditions and all types of snow and terrain
  • Incredibly agile design is ideal for carving paths between trees without accident
  • Not ideal for beginners or intermediates who haven’t improved their technique


  • Excess speed from the skis can be difficult for some skiers to control
  • Skiers who aren’t able to turn easily and control their movement will struggle with these skis
  • Not ideal for use in heavier snow

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Features You Must Consider


The flexibility of skis will play a huge role in how well they handle in the trees and whether or not they will allow skiers to easily change their direction at higher speeds. Skis that will bend and flex when used at lower speeds are much better options than skis that remain stiffer, as they will allow for fast directional changes without accidents. 


Ski shape also plays a huge role in how easily and quickly the skier can navigate through trees. A gradual design, especially in the tail, will allow the skier to retain complete control over the ski. A great rocker will also allow the ski to change its contact length.

Since the snow in the trees is generally undulating, skis that can easily adjust the contact length to work with the snow, not against it, are a better option. Since terrain and condition in the trees can change at a moment’s notice, opting for skis that will allow for fast adjustments without an accident will result in a much smoother, safer, and more professional ride.


When skis have a lot of taper in both the tip and the tale, then they will tend to catch more often. Having skis with less taper in the ends allows skiers to easily release the tail right away when it catches in the snow. This also allows skiers to more easily change directions and hold tight in firmer snow, which can help them control their direction and their speed when navigating through trees. 


Width of a ski will come into play depending on how deep the snow is, as well as the conditions. A mid-width ski is, generally speaking, a fairly good option for tree skiing. This is because they are generally suited to working well in both looser and more packed snow conditions.

Skiers who are more advanced or who are willing and able to invest in multiple pairs of skis will find that having wider skis for looser snow and narrower skis for harder snow is a good idea. Being able to choose the correct width for the snow conditions will invariably make tree skiing significantly easier and more fun. 

Skill Level

Skiers of all skill levels can try tree skiing, but to ensure the best results and a safe time on the mountain, it’s a good idea for skiers to try to match the skis that they use with their skill level. Newer skiers will be better suited with skis that turn easily, such as ones with a soft flex, narrower design, and a rocker in the tail and tip to help with turning. 

Intermediate skiers will find that wider skis with a strong wood core are a better option for them. These skiers will likely choose skis that have a rocker or full camber. 

Advanced skis are best for more experienced skiers who aren’t daunted by the prospect of navigating through the woods. These are generally stiffer, although they will be a little flexible to ensure that they can be turned easily around trees. Additionally, they come with many different rocker configurations for skiers to choose from. 


Skis vary widely in price, and skiers will have a lot of options to choose from when they want to go tree skiing. Talented skiers who spend every weekend on the slopes will want to opt for something that is more expensive and reliable, as it will likely be made of higher quality materials that will last. Skiers who aren’t sure if tree skiing is right for them can get away with buying something that is a little less expensive.

Wrap Up

Out of all the options, our favorite is the Traverse Atlas Men’s Big Mountain Ski. Since they are designed to handle deep powder, but also make sharp turns, they are the ideal type of ski you’d want for cruising through trees.

Stay safe out there!