Best Hydration Pack for Skiing – Top 9 Options

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Trying to find the best hydration pack for skiing? Then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve done all of the research so that you can find the best options for your exact needs.

best hydration pack for skiing

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Best Skiing Hydration Pack Reviews

Powderhound 12 Ski Hydration Pack 100oz by CamelBak

CamelBak Powderhound 12 Ski Hydration Pack, Chili Pepper, 3 L/100 oz

Not only does this hydration pack have plenty of room for all of the water that a skier will need when on the mountain, but it also has handy helmet carry attachment points. This frees up hands when riding on the lift or taking a break from the snow. With durable ski attachment points, it’s easy to attach skis to the pack’s outside. 

At just 2.2 pounds, this pack is light enough to carry even when completely full of water, making it a comfortable option for all-day ski trips. With durable zippers and a tri-zip access, it’s easy to reach deep down into the pack for something that has fallen to the bottom, as well as to clean the pack and water storage. This makes digging in the pack with cold hands easier than ever. 


  • Four-point compression makes it easy to compress this pack for a sleek fit on the back
  • Insulated harness makes it easy to zip tube into shoulder strap for additional insulation 
  • Low-profile shape rests comfortably against the back when on the lift and includes waist strap
  • Expansion panel allows for six more liters of storage when necessary
  • Large enough to provide space for gloves, phone, money, and keys


  • Water seal cap can sometimes fail
  • Seams aren’t very high quality and will not zip if the bag is overstuffed
  • Quick release hose can sometimes leak

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TEC Insulated Hydration Backpack & 2L BPA Free Water Pack

TEC Insulated Hydration Backpack & 2L BPA Free Water Pack for Hiking, Cycling, Running & Outdoor Activities. Compact & Lightweight. Water Stays Cool up to 5 Hours [Includes Cleaning Kit and e-Guide]

Even though this hydration pack is not the most streamlined on the market, it does offer a number of features that make it attractive to skiers. The impressive straps are very wide, which helps to offset the weight of the pack and prevent shoulder fatigue.

This pack is great for shorter trips to the slopes, but does have large pockets that are great for storing any emergency items, such as a cell phone or snack, that need to be taken away from the lodge. With easily adjustable straps, including a chest strap, making sure that this pack fits comfortably and correctly is fast and simple. It’s a great option for a skier on the slopes with family or friends, as it offers plenty of storage and it is easy to use. 

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  • External bungee cords are great for storing additional items outside of the pack
  • Ships with free cleaning kit to extend the life of the pack
  • Free from BPA and features thermal insulation
  • Reflective straps on the shoulders and emergency whistle improve safety when skiing
  • Water bladder sits high on the back to help evenly distribute weight and maintain comfort


  • Bladder can sometimes cause water to have a strange odor
  • Shoulder straps will wear out after regular use, making the pack uncomfortable to wear
  • Where the hose leads to the bladder will sometimes leak

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Hydration Backpack Pack with 2L BPA Free Bladder

Hydration Backpack Pack with 2L BPA Free Bladder - Lightweight Pack Keeps Liquid Cool Up to 4 Hours - Great Storage Compartments - Outdoor Sports Gear for Running Hiking Cycling Skiing

This lightweight pack is perfect for shorter trips to the slopes. The durable material is not only breathable, but features plenty of foam padding, which means that this pack won’t be uncomfortable to wear for longer periods of time. This padding also helps to protect the bladder so that it won’t be damaged when skiing and accidentally spring a leak. 

With three large compartments and a mesh pocket, this pack has plenty of room for all of the necessities when hitting the slopes. The SBS zippers will work even when it is freezing outside, and the pack is built to last during extreme conditions. 

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  • Large bladder holds 2L of water, which is perfect for a day spent on the slopes
  • Updated opening is oversized, which makes cleaning and drying the bladder fast and easy
  • Bladder can double as a pillow in an emergency situation
  • Roomy storage compartments make bringing necessities easy
  • Breathable mesh back is great for skiing on warmer days or for skiing all day long


  • Doesn’t feature waist strap, so the pack can slide around on the body
  • Hose is very exposed, which may allow water to freeze in extreme conditions
  • Can be difficult to connect the tubes and the retaining clip for the bladder

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CamelBak Bootlegger Ski Hydration Pack, 50oz

CamelBak Bootlegger Hydration Pack, Black, 50 Oz

Thanks to the combined body heat of the skier and the insulation that this pack offers, it does a great job preventing water from freezing when on the slopes. Wearing the pack over clothing can result in the water freezing, so this is something that should only be done when it is warmer out.

The straps all adjust easily, and the mesh design of the shoulder straps prevents them from being hot or uncomfortable. With a fully protected hose and durable zipper, this pack has been designed to last for years when on the slopes. Loaded with insulation, there isn’t room for any storage, but it does a great job protecting water from freezing. It’s one of the best options for taking a hydration pack into incredibly cold weather.


  • Insulated bite valve cover and tube help prevent water from freezing during extreme cold
  • Slim enough to be worn underneath a ski jacket, as well as over clothing
  • Ergonomic handle makes refilling the bladder faster and easier
  • Bladder is highly insulated to protect water from freezing when on the slopes
  • Dual sternum straps, as well as shoulder straps, are adjustable for ultimate comfort


  • Doesn’t have storage for any other items than the water bladder
  • Hose can easily detach from the bladder
  • Even with the low profile, can be very uncomfortable to wear under a ski jacket

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Vibrelli Hydration Pack & 2L Hydration Bladder

Vibrelli Hydration Backpack & 2L Hydration Bladder - High Flow Bite Valve - Hydration Pack for Cycling, Running, Hiking

This hydration pack has been designed to provide skiers everything that they need when on the slopes, thanks to the ample room that it offers. The external bungee straps are great for holding a helmet when off the slopes, and ergonomic side stabilizers ensure that the pack is centered on the body and snug against the waist.

The 420D ripstop fabric has been designed to prevent the bag from ripping and being damaged during a fall on the mountain, and does a great job protecting the inside of the pack. An included key attachment is perfect for storing keys, and the reflective safety tabs are a great security and safety measure. 


  • Weighs just 14 ounces, and is streamlined for comfort
  • Bladder is free from both PVC and BPA and won’t make water smell or taste funny
  • Features multiple storage options for taking along gear and other necessities
  • One-hand shutoff button prevents any leaking
  • Great for use on warmer days of skiing


  • Water tube isn’t insulated, so skiers need to blow the water back into the pack to prevent it from freezing
  • Bladder can sometimes develop a leak in extreme conditions
  • Shoulder straps aren’t very comfortable due to exposed seams, which can rub through fabric

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Neboic Hydration Backpack-Hydration Pack with Water Bladder 2L (70 oz)

Neboic Hydration Backpack-Hydration Pack with Water Bladder 2L (70 oz) in Lightweight Backpack Style Suit for Women, Men, Kids Hydration Backpack Cycling, Hiking, Biking, Kayaking

This lightweight hydration pack only weighs 12 ounces, but can easily hold 2L of water as well as other belongings. The ergonomic design of the pack decreases the wind resistance on the skier, making it a great option for high speeds. 

It’s easy to disconnect the drink tube from the bladder, and locking and unlocking it is simple, which helps to prevent leaks. With a waterproof exterior and plenty of ventilation, this pack is designed to keep items dry on the slope and provide plenty of water in an easy and comfortable way without cutting into the shoulders or slipping around on the back of the skier. 


  • Adjustable shoulder straps and hip belts help to hold the back centered on the body
  • Wide opening on the bladder makes it much easier to clean after use
  • Sleek design and small profile help to prevent the pack from becoming uncomfortable
  • Includes five extra pockets so that skiers can take all of their necessary belongings with them to the slopes
  • Well ventilated mesh material is high grade and designed to improve comfort


  • Doesn’t feature as much insulation as other hydration packs do
  • Chest strap tends to ride high on some skiers, which can be very uncomfortable
  • Bladder opening is in the center of the bladder, which can be difficult to clean

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U`Be Hydration Pack Water Backpack - Kids Women Men Camelback

U`Be Hydration Pack Backpack - Camelback Water Backpacks for Running Hiking Biking - Camel Pack with Insulated 2l Bladder (Runner)

One of the best features of this hydration pack is how comfortable it is when on the body, even when full of water and other necessities. The large shoulder straps do a great job evenly distributing the weight of the water, which prevents neck and shoulder fatigue. 

Designed to rest as flat against the body as possible, this pack is great for skiers on the go. It doesn’t feature a lot of insulation, which means that it is ideal for use on warmer days, but is a great option for skiing in the sun. The reduced wind resistance helps improve skier speed. 


  • Classic sleek design reduces wind resistance and drag when skiers are coming down the mountain
  • Includes 2L water bladder that is BPA free and professionally designed not to leak 
  • Quick release connector makes it easy to get this hydration pack set up and working with very little delay or frustration
  • Included exterior pockets make it easy to store other items, such as keys and a cell phone or snack
  • Helmet buckle is durable enough to hold a helmet when off of the slopes


  • Bladder tends to leak, especially around the hose connector
  • Doesn’t have a ton of insulation, which means that it only should be used for skiing on warmer days
  • Doesn’t come with a waist strap to prevent sliding

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CamelBak Mil-Tac HydroBak Hydration Pack, 1.5L / 50 oz

CamelBak Mil-Tac HydroBak Hydration Pack, Black, 1.5L / 50oz

Designed with a very short profile as well as incredible ventilation, this hydration pack has been created to help skiers stay hydrated without making them feel out of control when on the slopes. The lightweight mesh harness is deceptively strong and durable, which prevents the pack from being damaged or slipping out of place. 

The tube and bladder have been treated with HydroGuard technology, which is designed to prevent bacteria from growing in the pack and to help prolong the pack’s life. At just 5.5 ounces, this is one of the lightest hydration packs on the market, which makes it a great choice for any skier who is interested in speed and maneuverability when on the slopes. With a durable exterior and impressive coating, the pack is built to last. 


  • Antidote access port makes cleaning, filling, and accessing the bladder fast and easy
  • Free from BPS, BPF, and BPA to ensure safety when drinking water from this pack
  • External zip pocket makes it easy to access additional items on the go
  • Low profile and light fill cuts weight and reduces drag when on the mountain
  • Quick-seal cap is easy to tighten with just a quarter turn, preventing leaks and frustration


  • Can be difficult to remove the tubing from the bladder for cleaning
  • Mouthpiece isn’t very durable and can easily pop off of the tube
  • Straps can cut into the shoulder as they are not very wide nor are they well padded

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Serg Hydration 2L Water Pack

SERG Hydration Pack, Camel Pack - Hydration Water Backpack, 2L TPU Leak Proof Water Bladder, Reflective,Small Light Weight, BPA FREE, For Women Men Kids. Prefect Gear for Running Hiking Cycling.

Not only is this hydration pack light and easy to carry, but it features a safety whistle to ensure safety during an emergency situation, as well as reflective shoulder straps. The shoulder and chest straps are all easily adjustable to prevent the pack from shifting position when going down the mountain.

With a bladder that is antibacterial and FDA approved, skiers won’t have to worry about the safety of their water when using this hydration pack. It’s easy to clean the bladder thanks to the large opening, and the bladder can be removed and used with another backpack, if desired. 


  • Only weighs 0.7 pounds, making it a great lightweight option that is easy to use and carry
  • Double chest straps help to hold the pack in place during rough ski sessions
  • Mesh bag and bungee make it easy to store additional items when on the slope
  • Low profile cut ensures that the pack fits directly in the middle of the back to prevent discomfort
  • Bladder has triple-heat sealed edges to reduce the likelihood of any problems with leaks


  • Tube isn’t insulated, so this pack is only ideal for use on warmer days or if it is cleared by blowing after each drink
  • It takes the bladder a long time to dry out before being stored
  • Mouthpiece tends to taste unpleasant

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Features You Must Consider


The amount of insulation that a hydration pack has is incredibly important, as this insulation is what will prevent the water in the pack from freezing. Both the hose and the bladder are at risk of freezing when the temperature drops too low, but high-quality insulation can help prevent this problem. 

One problem that skiers need to take into consideration when looking for a pack with a lot of insulation is that this can make the pack heavier and also bulkier. This additional bulk can slow down a skier by giving them a larger profile. It’s important to find the perfect balance between insulation and size and shape of the pack.


Water that is moving back and forth in a hydration pack can make skiing not only difficult, but dangerous. For this reason, it’s important that the hydration pack offers tons of stability thanks to a snug fit, as well as straps that can be easily adjusted.

The stability of a hydration pack depends not only on the straps that it has to help control the pack, but also how well the pack is built. Lighter packs will often be less stable simply due to their lower weight and how they are constructed. 


Water is very heavy, especially when wearing a hydration pack for hours at a time. While a few ounces may not seem like they will make much of a difference when shopping for a hydration pack, lighter ones are usually much better choices, as they won’t hinder movement or cause the person wearing the pack to fatigue throughout the day. 

Just a few ounces can make a huge difference in how comfortable a hydration pack is and whether or not a skier can wear it all day without shoulder or back pain. Skiers who want to be able to bring snacks, cell phones, keys, or other necessities on the slopes will want to look for a pack that isn’t already too heavy when considering the additional weight they will add. 

Additional Storage

In addition to carrying water, a great hydration pack will have storage room for other necessities when outside. These storage areas won’t need to be very big, as it will cause the pack to become unbalanced, however, they need to be large enough to fit necessities and also easily accessible. 

There is often some storage near the water bladder, but there may also be some storage in zippered pockets on the waist straps. This storage is useful since the pack doesn’t have to be removed from the back to access those items. 

Shoulder Strap Construction

Most of the weight of a hydration pack is going to rest on the shoulders, so it’s important that these straps are not only thick, but also well padded. Straps that are thinner will dig into the shoulders, which can be very uncomfortable when skiing. Thicker straps that are adjustable and have enough padding to protect the shoulders will reduce the amount of pain that a wearer feels when using a hydration pack. 

Any buckles on the shoulder straps that are used for adjusting the strap also need to be durable and very high quality so that they will not break if they are adjusted in the freezing weather. Some buckles simply aren’t durable enough to handle cold temperatures, especially if they are hit during a fall, which can cause them to break. 

Waist Straps

An adjustable waist strap makes it easy to help manage the weight of the pack and will evenly distribute it to reduce shoulder stress and strain. Not all hydration packs have a waist strap, but they are also useful because they help hold the pack in place. Hydration packs will shift from side to side, especially when skiing at high speeds, but a waist strap will help to hold the pack in place.

Ergonomic Profile

Any type of pack worn on the back will change the profile of a skier and can cause them to suffer from wind resistance, which will slow them down. Rather than dealing with a larger backpack that will slow a skier down, choosing something that is a bit more ergonomic is a better option. A low profile pack helps to cut down wind resistance and will allow skiers to obtain and maintain much higher speeds. 

Compression Straps

Unlike other straps that help to hold the hydration pack on the skier’s back, compression straps are used to cinch down the pack to reduce problems with wind resistance. Compression straps aren’t available on all packs, but are a great way to help maintain a low profile. Being able to adjust the pack using these straps before hitting the mountain, as well as during skiing, increases speed and gives skiers control over their speed and movement. 

Overall Size

Skiers are not likely to be taking a lot of supplies with them on their trip to the mountains, but having ample room for plenty of water is important. There are a number of great smaller hydration packs that are ideal for shorter skiing trips. Longer day trips, however, and trips into the woods for cross-country skiing will require a larger pack that will be able to easily hold more water. 


While most skiers are more focused on getting their pack on their back for a trip to the snow, taking care of the pack after a trip is incredibly important. Some hydration packs are much easier to clean than others, which will decrease the possibility of mold and mildew growing in the pack.

Zip-top bladders are much easier to clean than bladders that have a very small opening. Regular skiers will want to make sure that they choose a pack that they will not be frustrated cleaning after each trip. 


Some hydration packs have a mesh back and sometimes mesh shoulder straps that allow for plenty of airflow around the body. While many people think that skiers will always be cold, the opposite is true, especially after hours on the snow. Having improved airflow will ensure that skiers won’t overheat due to the weight and warmth of their pack.

Wrap Up

Considering all the features, our favorite pick is the Powderhound 12 Ski Hydration Pack 100oz by CamelBak. It provides a great balance of affordability and function and can do way more than just keep you hydrated on the slopes.