13 Creative Ways to Propose on a Ski Trip

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A ski vacation can be a wonderful place to pop the question. The mountains, the fresh air, and the picturesque scenery all set the perfect stage for a romantic "I do!" There are plenty of generic ways to do a proposal, but that's probably not why you're here. 

Happy couple on a snowy ski mountain

Here are 13 creative ways to propose on a ski trip...

Ski season is usually right around holiday time, so she might not be suspicious if you arrange to get some Christmas photos taken at the ski resort. If you're savvy with the camera, you can even set it up yourself like the guy in the video above. It's simple, but it will make for a beautiful experience that you'll have captured on camera.

2. Put The Ring In Her Gloves

Before you head out for the day -- or at some point when you're taking a break -- you can put the ring in her glove. When she goes to put it back on, swiftly get down on one knee and pop the question.

Just make sure you don't do this in a place where the glove can get lost or stolen. 

3. Set Up a Fake Interview

If you can manage to get the ski resort to play along, you can have a member of staff pull you guys aside for an interview (like in the video above). Pretend it's for the mountain's social media or some other sort of promotion. Have the interviewer ask distracting and engaging questions, and then get on one knee behind her. Once you're all set up, the interviewer can have the person turn around and hopefully respond with a yes!

4. Pretend to Fall... Then Get Up on One Knee

The authenticity of this one will depend on your current ability to ski or snowboard. If you're someone that hardly ever falls, it's going to be difficult to make it look real. You could possibly do it while your spouse to be isn't looking and yell out something alarming before hitting the ground. 

No matter how you get to the ground, when you come up, make sure to stop on one knee and have the ring accessible in one of your pockets. Flat ground would be preferred for this, that way you can safely un-click your boots and assume the kneeling position if you're having trouble doing it in your skis.

The guy in the video above manages to take the kneeling position skis on and all!

5. Pretend to See Something in the Woods

When you're going down a trail, pretend to get freaked out and exclaim that you see or hear something in the woods. You're not sure what it is, but act compelled to go investigate what's going on. 

It can be an animal, a lost ski, or anything that you feel like making up at the time. 

Once you've gotten into the woods, your future spouse will probably be yelling to you and asking what's going on. At this point, tell her that she's got to come see it for herself. When she comes in the woods to join you, assume the position and pop the question. All of the extra action will add to the suspense and excitement.

6. Bend Down to Fix Their Boot

A great way to get down to the kneeling position is to say that there's something wrong with one of the boot clips. With goggles slightly restricting the field of vision and a big jacket, the person who's getting proposed to might not have a great view of their own boot. This gives you a window to say "Hey, your boot came undone, let me fix it!" -- then proceed to pop the question.

7. Write It In the Snow

This one is going to take a bit of planning -- perhaps with the resort -- but if you can pull it off, it will be a proposal she'll never forget. You don't have to write anything long-winded or crazy, just the words "Marry Me?" will do. If you want to take things to the next level, you can use some food dye to color the words.

8. Set Up a Candle Display

This one might be a little difficult to pull off yourself, but if you work with the resort and/or an outside event planner, it can be done. If your destination offers night-time skiing, you can lead her down a run to where you know the candle display is going to be set up. The dusk lighting will set the perfect stage for a romantic proposal.

9. Get a Fake Ring... And Lose It

You're going to be in a vast oasis of snow and losing the ring isn't out of the realm of possibilities. Instead of risking it, why no turn the situation into an opportunity?

Pull a really cheap ring out of your pocket and then proceed to drop it. Then, pretend to freak out while you search for the ring. After your future fiancee gets just a little freaked out, you can let her know that the real ring is back at the room.

This one is great for couples who like to play pranks on each other.

10. On a Bench at the Top

There are typically benches at the top of every ski mountain, but it's rare to see people sit in them. However, the epic views make the perfect spot for a top of the mountain proposal. If you can manage to get a cup of hot chocolate up there, even better!

11. Take a Helicopter Tour

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If you're feeling really bold -- and you're both really good skiers -- consider doing it on a helicopter tour. This isn't advisable for the normal person, but if you're both adrenaline junkies, then it could be the perfect way to propose.

Or, if your ski resort offers a helicopter tour that doesn't involve skiing back down, even better!

12. Indoors By the Fireplace

This one isn't really too creative, but it is simple and romantic. After a long day of skiing or boarding, there's nothing like sitting by the fireplace and watching the flames flicker. How romantic would it be if you popped the question right there? If you're not one for public displays of affection, this could be a nice private way to propose.

13. Throw a Huge Snowball With the Ring Inside

If the powder is the right consistency that day, you can pack a huge snowball with the ring inside. Once it's packed and ready to go, throw it at her, hopefully in a way that won't hurt too much. If you packed it correctly, the box ring will fall on the floor and she'll be in utter shock and immediately forgive you for pegging her!

You may want to use a plastic bag or some sort of extra protection for this one -- or consider a placeholder ring in case it gets lost!

Do you have any suggestions for proposing on a ski trip? Let us know below in the comments!

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