Best Buff for Skiing – Top 5 Options

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Trying to find the best Buff for skiing? You’ve come to the right place. In this guide we’ve listed out all of the top Buff options according to our research. Let’s check them out…

best buff for skiing

Best Skiing Buff Reviews

Buff UV Headbande

BUFF Unisex UV Multifunctional Headwear, Bonefish, OSFM

Designed to be worn in multiple ways around the head, on the neck, and even on the wrists, this functional buff is a great choice for skiers who want something that is highly versatile.

The flexible fabric does a great job keeping skiers warm while still allowing for plenty of airflow so that the buff is highly breathable. This ensures that skiers don’t accidentally overheat when they are wearing the buff and that they can be comfortable all day long on the slopes.


  • It offers UV protection to help keep the skier protected from damaging rays.
  • The comfortable design helps to wick moisture away from the skin.
  • The breathable fabric dries quickly, making it ideal for avid skiers who are constantly on the slopes.
  • It can be worn in multiple ways to protect sensitive skin.
  • The bright colors are easy to see in the snow, making finding other skiers quick and simple.


  • It needs to be hand washed to ensure that it won’t be damaged in a machine.
  • Some skiers report that their buffs had seams, which can be uncomfortable.
  • Certain colors may fade and won’t be as bright and visible after being washed a few times.

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Buff Coolnet UV+

Buff Coolnet Uv+ XL

While skiing in the sun is a great way to make sure that skiers stay warm while on the slopes, the sun can be dangerous when skiers are exposed for long periods of time. Protecting the skin from cold and from sun damage is important, which is why a buff is such a great option.

This buff offers impressive cooling technology and UV protection to make it a great option for complete protection for the skin. Combined with the soft feel of the fabric and the seamless design, it’s ideal for wearing all day long on the slopes without any discomfort or worry about sun or wind burn when skiing or when simply spending time at the base of the mountain.


  • It is partially made from recycled water bottles to help the environment.
  • It features an impressive 50+ UPF sun protection.
  • It offers HeiQ cooling technology to help keep wearers comfortable when they are sweating.
  • The 100% seamless design prevents rubbing and pain.
  • The four-way stretch fabric moves with the body so that it’s comfortable and forgiving.


  • It can be a little tight around the neck
  • The fabric can feel slick and tends to cause the buff to move around on the skin easily.

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Buff Lightweight Merino Wool

Buff Lightweight Merino Wool Printed

Not only does this buff help to protect the face, neck, and other skin from harsh winds but it does a great job holding warmth into the body, which is great when skiing in colder weather.

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The attractive color of the buff is bright, easily seen, and printed on both sides, which makes it stand out no matter how it is worn. With an easy design to pull on the body and flat seams on the ends, it won’t cause much irritation when worn, even with sensitive skin. This makes it a great option for skiers who struggle to find clothing that isn’t irritating.


  • It is made from 100% Merino wool to help with moisture wicking and provide warmth.
  • It is naturally odor-resistant, which is great for heavy sweaters.
  • It is perfect for use when skiing in any weather or season.
  • It can be worn in 10 different ways to keep skiers warm and comfortable.
  • It has a thicker design than other options, which helps add additional warmth and comfort.


  • It must be hand washed to ensure that the wool isn’t damaged.
  • It can easily stretch out and lose its shape.
  • Some skiers find that it is a little itchy and scratchy on the face and neck.

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Buff UVX Mask


Skiers who want a little addition protection when they hit the slopes will want to consider this option. Rather than opting for a traditional tube design, this impressive mask not only protects the face and back of the neck but also can be pulled up over the ears so that the sides of the head are also protected.

It is incredibly stretchy and will provide protection against the cold on the mountain when skiing as well as protection from the sun. It’s surprisingly easy to breathe when wearing this mask, due in part to the impressive holes cut in the front as well as how soft and breathable the actual fabric is, which helps reduce problems with overheating.


  • Plenty of elastane allows this buff to have lots of flexibility.
  • The pull-on closure makes it easy to put on and take off.
  • The mask features laser-cut breathing holes for comfort.
  • It is designed to reduce sunglass fog.
  • It is great for shielding both the front of the face as well as the back of the neck.


  • The hand-wash-only design can be difficult for some buyers to take care of.
  • The one-size-fits-all design isn’t a great option for very petite or large skiers.

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Buff Coolnet UV+ Insect Shield

Buff Coolnet Uv+ Insect Shield

While insects generally aren’t much of a problem in the cooler weather, skiers who hit the slopes in the fall or spring may find that they are getting bit when outdoors. Rather than avoiding the slopes on warmer days, using this buff is a great way to protect against insects.

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This buff can be worn not only in multiple ways around the neck, face, and head but also around the wrist, if it warms up and the skier wants to take it off. By offering protection from the sun, the cold, and insects, this buff provides all of the comfort that a skier needs when on the slopes. Since it is made from 95% polyester that is made from recycled water bottles, it’s a great option for eco-friendly skiers.


  • Made with only 5% elastane, this buff does a great job holding its shape.
  • Insect-repellent fabric helps reduce irritation and bites.
  • It is made without seams to reduce itching and irritation.
  • It provides impressive 50+ UPF sun protection.
  • There are multiple colors to choose from.


  • It is not incredibly warm, which can make it uncomfortable during very cold days.
  • It can be tight around the neck for some skiers.

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Features That You Must Consider


When choosing a buff, it’s important for skiers to consider what material it is made out of so that they can choose the best option for their use. While a polyester and elastane blend is the most common option, it’s not the only choice on the market. In fact, skiers will have to decide how much elastane they want in their buffs as this will play a huge role in how stretchy the buff is.

There are some buffs that are made from a lightweight Merino wool. This gives the buff a number of great benefits. Not only is wool incredibly warm but it does a great job helping to regulate body temperature and wick moisture away from the body. This results in skiers feeling much warmer and more comfortable than they might otherwise have.

Editor’s Note: Many skiiers swear by Merino wool, but I’ve always felt that the synthetic stuff is more comfortable for some reason and I still think it does a great job of moisture wicking.


Some buffs are more comfortable than others are, which means that they are going to be worn without any irritation or frustration on the part of the skier. Buffs with flat seams, soft fabric, and no irritating tags are all good options.


Wearing buffs over the mouth and nose is a great way to help retain body heat and prevent severe chills. The problem that some skiers experience is that not all buffs are as breathable as others are, which can cause skiers to get uncomfortable and even to overheat.

When shopping for a buff, skiers need to make sure that they choose one that is made from materials that will allow them to easily breathe. This is key to staying safe and comfortable on the slopes.


Skiers who want their buffs to last for years need to consider how durable they are and whether or not they can stand up to regular use. Some buffs are simply more durable than others, which means that they can be used for longer periods of time without wearing out. While they may cost a little more than lower-quality options, they are a much better choice in terms of value.

Additional Features

Some options offer UV protection, which is a great choice for any person who will be spending long hours out on the snow. Getting protection from damaging UV rays can be difficult, especially around the neck, but a great buff with UV protection is key to preventing sun damage from occurring. Skiers who are prone to sun damage will want to make sure to consider this as a viable option.

Some buffs also are designed with moisture management properties to help wick moisture and sweat away from the body. This is key for skiers who are worried about their skin being chafed when skiing.


A buff is sure to get dirty and sweaty when on the slopes, which is why it’s important to opt for one that is easy to take care of and will be simple to clean. Most buffs can easily be washed at home in the washing machine but some may have different care instructions. Skiers need to make sure to consider the care that their new buffs will need when shopping so that they don’t opt for ones that require too much work or specialized care.

Wrap Up

Out of all the options on this list, our favorite is the Buff UV Headbande. It’s light, but will still protect your face from chilly winds when you’re on the slopes. It also dries quickly which is important if you’re going to be spending multiple days on the mountain.